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Kaliningrad region
                                                            Chernyakhovsky district
                                                            the village of Kalyni

Cultivation of winter rape for innovative technologies (No-Till)
in the farm "Kalina" Chernyakhovsky district in 2014-2015 years.

     Winter rape is one of the most popular and promising economically cultures. In recent years, the economy getting high yields of good quality oilseeds.
Winter rape cultivar Visby - a hybrid type zero of the German selection is mid bezerukovy, nizkoglyukozinolatny. Included in the State Register in 2011. The growing season 327 days. The plant is in full bloom of medium height. The height of attachment of the lower branch of 50.5 cm Resistance to lodging 4.9 points, to shattering -. 4.2 points. Winter hardiness 4.9 points. Weight of 1000 seeds was 4.7 fat content 46.6%. Flowering, pod formation and maturation of the uniform. The maximum yield of 65.1 c / ha. It recommended for growing seeds.

     Requirements for the soil. Winter rape sown on the cultivated sod-podzolic light- and medium loamy soils, characterized by a neutral reaction of the soil solution (pH 6.0-6.5). At slightly acidic soils dolomitic lime flour was performed at a dose of 4-5 t / ha.

     Predecessor. Winter rape sown after the couple. The farm observed time interval accommodation for rape rapeseed 4-5 years. Fertilizers under winter rape was used according to the agrochemical analysis of the soil and the planned harvest. Before sowing randomly under cultivation have made complex fertilizers ARVI NPK "Universal" brand 8-20-30 at 200 kg nat. weight / ha. Early spring The first feeding is carried out with ammonium nitrate at a dose of 200 kg FW / ha (or N to 70 kg ai / ha). According to a second plant diagnosis of stem in feeding phase was added ammonium sulfate at a dose of 250 FV kg / ha (or N 52 kg ai / ha). Additionally applied microfertilizer Nutrivant oilseed at a dose of 5 kg / ha, which was added in conjunction with herbicides and fungicides.

     Preparation and treatment of soil for planting. In the first decade of July in all fields of applied herbicides continuous action Glyphosate 2 l / ha + Agritoks 1 l / ha. Further soil treated subsoiler to a depth of 40-45 cm, and then carried out one after the other 2 cultivation Kockerling Vario cultivator to a depth of 20 cm. Before the second cultivation cultivator attached to a precision seeder APV PS300M1.

     Sowing. Winter rape sat at the optimum time from 5 to 25 August closed drills, with the obligatory leaving tramline. Sowing seeds is carried out, already encrusted insecticides and fungicides (Kruyzer Rape). Seeding rate of 2.2 kg / ha or 0.5 million units per 1 ha. Seeding depth of 1.5-2.0 cm. When sown at the optimum time in winter oilseed rape plants by the end of autumn vegetation formed 6-7 developed leaves, root collar thickness reaches 7-8 mm, which contributes to the good overwintering plants.

Care of crops. For weed control was carried out the following activities: before sowing with simultaneous incorporation of the herbicide into the soil against annual grasses and dicotyledonous weeds were added Butizan Star herbicide at a dose of 2.5 l / ha. The germination phase (4-6 in the presence of crucifer flea beetles per 1 m2) was sprayed with a preparation crops Boria - 0.1 l / ha. In the phase of 6-7 leaves of crops treated with the tank mix: a fungicide Caramba-retardant 0.75 l / ha + Solyubor 1 kg / ha + Nutrivant Beet 1 kg / ha.
Spring in the beginning phase of budding winter rape against rape weevil was treated with Karate Zeon 0.1 l / ha. To protect from spring rape crops of winter oilseed rape diseases treated with drugs Kolosal 0.5 l / ha and Mauritius 0.35 l / ha, and in the beginning phase struchkovaniya - fungicide Prozaro 0.8 l / ha.

For rape harvesting at the farm used company combines Claas / Harvesting is carried out with the direct harvesting of straw chopping and distribution throughout the field area. On uneven ripening plots in wax ripeness performed desiccation drug Reglon Super dose of 2.0 l / ha. This method reduces the moisture content of seeds of 4-6% of their infestation by 2-4% and increase the seed yield of 1.5-2.5 t / ha


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