Farming is not a business but a way of life! 
Kaliningrad region
                                                            Chernyakhovsky district
                                                            the village of Kalyni

Sergey Chechulin wants to breed under Chernyakhovsk carp, tench and pike the news from 07.16.15, the

       Chernyahovsk area in the next two years plan to create two ponds for the cultivation of marketable fish. The project implements the peasant farm "Kalina", which is now involved in agriculture.

     The project will build two ponds with a total area of 14 hectares on the site of the former dairy plant lagoons.

These areas naturally waterlogged. They are in an unfavorable light, and little by little I begin to restore them, - told the head of KFH Kaliningrad.Ru "Kalina" Sergei Chechulin.

Grow plan carp, tench, pike, carp and grass carp. The volume of investments Sergey Chechulin estimated at 25 million rubles. Part of the money he expects to receive from the regional budget for the program "Fishing Pond". The farm has already submitted an application, it is now conducted project development.

If we meet the criteria, I would like to receive state support. If not - will do themselves - added Chechulin.

The volume of production is estimated at 10-12 tons per year. The fish are going to sell to companies in the region. "The plan - to offer the market the Kaliningrad region. While it is difficult to say who will be the real buyer, "- said the farmer.


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