Farming is not a business but a way of life!    
Kaliningrad region
                                                            Chernyakhovsky district
the village of Kalyni

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  The peasant (farmer) economy "Kalina" is a producer of agricultural products, was founded in 1991.
KFH "Kalina" - one of the first established in the Kaliningrad region agricultural enterprises with private capital. Founders Chechulina are: Sergey Aleksandrovich - the founder of the economy and Denis Sergeevich - head of household.
Located KFH "Kalina" in Chernyakhovsk region, Kalinovka village, on the federal highway Chernyahovsk - Soviet. At the beginning of the KFH
"Kalina" has been in the ownership of 68 hectares of land for agricultural purposes. At the end of 2016 do5000 hectares of land is in constant
the rotation. For 20 years, the main branch of the economy - the production of cereals, which occupies 80% of the total volume     production. Vegetable farming is presented in terms of production semyankartofelya and ware potatoes, carrots and up to 20% of total production.
KFH "Kalina" is engaged in commercial horticulture in 2013, planting apple trees on an area of 20 hectares.