Farming is not a business but a way of life!    
Kaliningrad region
                                                            Chernyakhovsky district
the village of Kalyni

Chernyakhovsky AgroTorg

Тrading company LLC "Chernyakhovsky AgroTorg"

It is the official distributor of the manufacturers JSC firm "August"

  "Syngenta", "Bayer", OOO "DuPont Science and Technology", LLC "Pioneer Hi-Bad Rus".

  The company sells:

  •  Pesticides manufacturers
  •  Microfertilizers NUTRIVANT plus (Nutrivant Plus. Production of Israel)
  •  Biostimulyators STIMAX (Stimaks. Spain)
  •  Antistresanty AMINOMAX (Aminomaks. Spain)
  •  Correction of deficiency elements MERISTEM power (Meristem. Spain)
  •  Phosphites KAFOM (Kafom. Spain)
  •  The seeds (corn, canola).

          We provide consulting services on the use of proposed products to regular customers

   Company address:

                238174 Kaliningrad region, Chernyakhovsky district,

                pos. Kalinovka, ul.Chernyahovskogo, 3b

                tel / fax  8 (40141) 7-22-34

                mob. 8 (981) 453-56-92

                e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.