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Kaliningrad region
                                                            Chernyakhovsky district
                                                            the village of Kalyni

Growing winter wheat on innovative technologies (No-Till)

in the farm "Kalina" Chernyakhovsky district in 2014-2015 years.

  Since 2014, agriculture in crop uses resource-tillage (mini and No-Till). The last two years, regardless of the predecessor whole winter wheat is grown exclusively on No-Till technology (direct sowing).

Winter wheat variety Torrild - German selection, high-yielding, mid, the vegetation period is 280 days. Included in the State Register in 2010. Plant height Medium (85 cm) high .Zimostoykost. Resistance to lodging, shattering and disease - high. Flour and baking performance grades are good. Corn contains 13,6-13,9% protein, gluten 29,2-30,0%. The weight of 1000 grains of 45-54 grams. The maximum yield of 100 kg / ha.

    Predecessors. Seventy percent of the winter wheat crop is located on the best predecessors - winter rape, and 30% - again for winter wheat.
Preparing the field for planting. During straw predecessor cleaning well chopped and evenly distributed over the entire field.
A week before winter wheat sowing entire field area treated with herbicides Glyphosate action obscheistreblyayuschego 2 l / ha + Agritoks 1.0 l / ha, which contributed to the production of pure grains, without harmful impurities.
Sowing was carried out at the optimum time from 10 September to 1 October, with the obligatory leaving tramline.
Special attention is paid to the production sector and the preparation of its own seeds of winter wheat. Upon receipt of the grain from the combine at its current primary treatment is performed on the wind-sieve machines, and then on the sorting table are selected seeds with a mass of 1000 grains to 48-50 g
Before sowing the seeds are etched drug Vitara Trio (one set at 1.5 tons of seeds), thus avoiding the spread of viral diseases.
Seeding rate of 140 - 180 kg / ha, which is lower than recommended for conventional technology.

    Fertilizers. In the autumn before sowing the soil as a result of the diagnosis we have made randomly complex fertilizers ARVI NPK "Universal" brand 8-20-30 at 200 kg FW / ha. First - Early spring feeding is carried out with ammonium nitrate at a dose of 250 kg FW / ha (or N to 85 kg ai / ha). The second feeding within 10 days, according to the results of plant diagnostics, was added 150 kg FW / ha of ammonium sulfate (or N to 32 kg ai / ga). To improve the content of the gluten grains and weight of 1000 grains used for earing N 20 kg ai / ha (or 43 kg nat. Carbamide weight). Additionally applied microfertilizer Nutrivant grain at a dose of 3 kg / ha, which was added in conjunction with herbicides and fungicides.

Application rostoregulyatorov. The farm has abandoned the use of stimulants, but be sure to use the growth inhibitors in order to prevent the lodging of plants. In the spring, when the plant is not first internode above 2 cm above the soil surface, in order to reduce its length TseTseTse crops treated with standard 1-1.2 l / ha microelements together with 1 kg / ha. After 10-12 days to reduce the length of the second internode Modus crops treated with 0.3 l / ha TseTseTse + 0.5 l / ha + Kolosal About 0.4 l / ha.

Protecting crops from weeds. In autumn, after the sowing, the field was treated with herbicide Verdict 0.3 l / ha + Bio Power 1.0 l / ha + Nutrivant Grain 1 kg / ha + Boreas 0.1 l / ha. In the context of 2014 it is allowed to completely abandon the use of herbicides in the spring. If necessary, in the spring introduced the herbicide Pallas 0.4 l / ha. For ease of cleaning, in the event of weeds in the upper Yar Behold entered Reglon Super OK 2.0 l / ha.
Protecting crops from pests and diseases. In phase the autumn crop 3 leaves Borej insecticide treated at 0.1 l / ha. In the spring, at the end of tillering stage, against sucking pests used tank-mix - Palace 0.4 l / ha + Boreas 0.1 l / ha, by earing (flowering stage) Prozaro tank-mix 0.8 l / ha + Nutrivant Grain 1 kg / ha Karate Zeon + 0.1 l / ha + 20 kg ai N.

Technical support. Sowing of winter wheat held seeder Direct sowing Amazone Cayena 6001 working width of 6 meters, which is equipped with cperedi curly Coulter and hoe drills and has a 3600 liter hopper for seed.

To care for the crops used self-propelled sprayer Hardi Alhpa 4001 (24-meter boom) and mineral spreaders Amazone ZA-TS 4200, it is equipped with a GPS system.
Harvesting is carried out Claas combine firm, allowing chop straw and spread it over the surface of the field. Harvesting is carried out at 16-18% grain moisture.



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