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Kaliningrad region
                                                            Chernyakhovsky district
                                                            the village of Kalyni

Early potato cultivation for innovative technology
in the farm "Kalina" Chernyakhovsky district in 2014-2015 years.

    Potatoes Rica grade - early maturing, table appointments, German selection, the originator Saatzucht Fritz Lang. Included in the State Register in 2011. The plant is half, of average height to high. Tuber oval-rounded, eyes from very small to small. The rind is yellow, smooth, pale yellow flesh. Weight 51-92 marketable tuber starch content of 11,5-11,9%, taste good. The variety is resistant to the pathogen of potato wart, potato nematode. Resistance to late blight leaves 4 points, late blight tuber 5 points. The maximum yield - 320 kg / ha. Keeping quality of 99%.
Preparation of tubers for planting was vernalization, which was held in a dark box for 3 days with the hot air temperature of + 25 ° C. This transaction accelerates plant growth and development, increases the resistance of potato shoots to the possible spring frosts, as well as pests and diseases. The tubers etched drugs Celis stop with flow rate of 0.8 l + Quadris - 1.5 liters per 1 ton. The predecessor of potatoes on innovative technology was fallow, in the usual way - winter rape.

Handling and preparation of soil for planting. In the autumn of the fields used herbicides continuous action with Glyphosate rate 2 l / ha + Agritoks - 1 l / ha. Further soil treated subsoiler to a depth of 40-45 cm, followed by plowing to a depth of 28 cm (tractor Fend Favorit + plow Lemken).

Spring was performed:

- Cultivating a depth of 20 cm
- Cutting ridges grebneobrazovatelem by 75 cm and 30 cm high.

Complex fertilizers ARVI "Universal" brand 8-20-30 used for potatoes grown on innovative technologies, at a dose of 600 kg fiz.vesa / ha (or N - 48, P2O5 - 120, K2O - 180 kg ai / ha ), potato under the conventional technology in a dose of 600 to 800 fiz.vesa kg / ha, depending on soil characteristics agrochemical. Fertilizers were added under cultivation.
Potato Planting was carried out from 25 April to 7 May, four-row planter Grimme while etching tubers. The rate of drop-off of 3.0 t / ha (or 44 thousand. pieces per 1 ha) Against weeds, pre-emergence, soil applied herbicide Zenkor Ultra with the norm of 1.0 liters / ha.  Then the field was covered spanbond to accelerate the emergence of potatoes.

Caring for potatoes. Potatoes grown on innovative technology, the farm covers an area of 15 hectares. During the dry season (May - 2 times for spunbond and June - 2 times without it) Potato planting irrigated sprinkler Monsun 3300 with a working width of 90 meters.

After removing the film in plant height of 15-20 cm, herbicides were used Zenkor Ultra - 0.4 l / ha Agritoks + - 0.6 l / ha. After 3 days, the field was sprayed with a tank mixture: fungicide Redomil Gold - 2.5 kg / ha + micronutrients Nutrivant beetroot - 1 kg / ha + 15 kg nat. weight / ha urea. After 10 days the tank mixture: fungicide Bravo - 2.5 l / ha + 15 kg nat. weight / ha urea.

Potatoes grown in the usual way, the farm occupies 115 hectares. All operations for preparing and planting the same, except for the use of a covering material and water. Potato protection system grown on conventional technology, had a greater number of treatments:

- Potato sprouts - processing Zenkor Ultra 1,5 l / ha;

- By closing before the foliage against horsetail - Agritoks 0.6 l / ha;

- 3 days fungicide Redomil Gold 2.5 kg / ha + micronutrients Nutrivant Beet 1 kg / ha + 15 kg nat. weight / ha of urea;

- 10 days - fungicide Redomil Gold 2.5 kg / ha + micronutrients Nutrivant Beet 1 kg / ha + 15 kg kg nat. weight / ha of urea;

- 10 days - fungicide Thanos 0.6 l / ha + micronutrients Nutrivant Beet 2 kg / ha + 15 kg kg nat. weight / ha of urea;

- 10 days - fungicide Bravo 2.5 l / ha;

Before cleaning the potatoes carried the destruction of foliage - desiccation drug Reglon Super 2.0 l / ha + fungicide Shirlan 0.4 l / ha.
Harvesting - Potato digging for the innovative technology performed Grimme potato harvester in the first ten days of July, in the usual way - the second decade of September.



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